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Education is the process of facilitated learning through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.  The current age of technology has seen a steep rise in distance learning, e-learning, online certification and self-education.  Consequently, the more technological advances that are made, even more people want and need to learn about them.  We are here to facilitate that journey, with the help of Blockchain technology.

Our research concludes that most people wanting to learn about blockchain & cryptocurrency find it highly complex and confusing.  Therefore, we are aiming to minimize the barrier between cryptocurrency and the "every day" person, because we understand that not everyone is of a technical mindset.




We can help you to visualize your idea, or concept.  We can provide group and one-to-one consultancy sessions, along with step-by-step analysis and guides to help you with planning, constructing and even marketing your blockchain business to the world.

Our team can advise you on the most efficient ways to share your experiences through the web.  Firstly getting you involved deep within communities and social networks, along with strategies on comparing the latest technologies, products and likewise within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.



Marketing, News & Reviews

Heard about Bitcoin or Blockchain and want to know more?  Do you have an idea, business or brand?  Heard about ICO's, but not sure how they work?  Maybe you want to know how well your business may fare against others in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry?

We provide news, reviews and more through our blog, many popular online publication platforms and Social Media such as Medium, Facebook Groups and more.

Using our group of partnerships, we can help to grow your online awareness, through our reviews, feedback surveys and ad placements within a wide, trusted network, across social media and industry specific communities.

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About Us

Our company specializes in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology research.  We provide education resources, masterclasses and consultation for both business and private clients.  Read More...


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