5 of the Best DApps Built on Bitcoin

The internet has come a long way from small local area networks to a wide, globally-connected one. Many consider Dapps to be the next revolution in the internet space. Experts call the DApps and the networks they build web 3.0.

Before getting to the depth of the Dapps built on bitcoin, it is critical to know what Dapps are and how they’re different from the normal apps. So, in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Dapps and the best Dapps built on the bitcoin blockchain.

What are DApps and How Do They Work?

Dapps, as the name suggests, are decentralized applications. Unlike regular applications, there is no controlling entity in a Dapp. The working of the entire application depends on the code alone. As you may be aware, normal web applications in the web 2.0 generation run on traditional backend servers like Node.js, PHP, etc.

On the other hand, Dapps run on unique blockchain platforms. Most running Dapps in the wild are created on the Ethereum blockchain. These applications use Ether for their transactions. However, there are some Dapps built on other blockchains as well.

DApps Built on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the very first blockchain platform to be created. The main purpose of bitcoin is to act as a virtual currency that is extremely difficult to hack and can withstand any financial crisis like the one of the late 2000s. However, we cannot build Dapps on bitcoin directly. It is one of the major disadvantages of bitcoin. We need to use some connecting platform to be able to use bitcoin to build our Dapps.

Now, let us see some of the best Dapps built on the bitcoin platform that are changing the world wide web landscape.

1. BlockSurvey

BlockSurvey is one of the first private survey platforms using bitcoin. All the forms on BlockSurvey are end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, you can protect the data you receive from the respondents using BlockSurvey.

Most surveys and forms we fill today are not as safe as we think. BlockSurvey tackles this issue by using Stacks. The platform is secured by bitcoin and is safer than the traditional survey taking applications.

BlockSurvey currently has over 500 corporate members, including the popular Brave browser, Stacks, Internet Freedom Foundation, Codewave, etc. The advantage of using BlockSurvey is that there won’t be any trackers in the form. You can fill the form with complete digital privacy. The primary goal of BlockSurvey is to protect the user from trackers, ads, cookies, and censorship.

All the data in the form is stored in a private storage called GAIA.

2. Pravica

Pravica is not a single app but is a collection of blockchain communication services. As a result, the platform offers a ton of services that are protected by military-grade protection and security standards.

One of the most valuable applications on the platform is the email service. All the emails are end-to-end encrypted using the highest grade encryption algorithms. You can send emails to anyone without censorship or privacy concerns using Pravica.

Pravica also has a video sharing service. Digital privacy is one of the biggest concerns when sharing videos. However, using Pravica, you can rest assured that what you share stays between you and the person you’re sharing them with.

Pravica also has a series of other communication apps like blockchain chats, blockchain encrypted calling services, secure storage, etc. With its wide range of blockchain applications, Pravica is proving to be one of the most secure communication services in the blockchain space.

3. Sigle

Sigle is one of the first blockchain-powered writing applications. Currently in its beta release, Sigle already started to attract many users with its impressive privacy-first model. However, the one advantage not many people are familiar with using blockchain is that you can make some messages stay in the network forever.

Sigle takes advantage of this. Once you write a post, you can store it forever on the bitcoin platform safely. Sigle has everything a regular blogging app has. You can even monetize your content and earn some cryptocurrency in your spare time.

One of the best things about Sigle is that it is uncensored. You can express your opinions without worrying about a thing freely on the platform. Apps like Sigil truly display how quickly we are moving towards web 3.0 and embracing digital security.

4. Ryder

Created by Light Labs Pvt Ltd, Ryder is a blockchain service to store your digital identities. Ryder is designed to help users protect their identities online. You can store all your digital ids and passwords in Ryder safely.

The best thing about Ryder is that it is an open-source Dapp built with community contributions. The open-source model definitely increases the trust in the application and helps resolve any vulnerabilities quickly.

Along with digital identities, you can also store your cryptocurrencies on Ryder.

5. Risidio

Risidio is the brainchild of creators of thisisnumberone.com. The primary focus of the Risidio is to empower artists with all the tools they need, like NFTs and cryptocurrencies. But, not just that, Risidio also promotes giving back to society.

The goal of Risidio is to create a financial system that has everyone’s interests in mind. In addition, Risidio helps artists raise money for any charitable or environmental cause. Risidio also takes corporate social responsibility very critically.


Dapps are the revolutionary pieces for the future of web technology. Dapps promote freedom, privacy, and security. Even though most of the Dapps are built on the ethereum blockchain, some are built on bitcoin with a connecting technology. In this article, we’ve seen some of the top Daps built on Bitcoin either directly or indirectly.

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