5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is The Future

When we here at BTC Bros, talk to some people about Cryptocurrency, Micro Transactions and Digital Finance being an inevitable future of economy, contracts and trade,   most respond as if were crazy.  If you’re already telling your friends, family and strangers about Bitcoin, or other Cryptocurrencies, then we guess you know the feeling.  So, without further ado, here are our top 5 reasons Cryptocurrency will change the world of Finance, forever.

  1. The Blockchain is currently and for the foreseeable future the most secure, accurate and fastest way to send transactions.  Not only transactions, but data as well. Plus it’s a distributed ledger, that cannot be tampered with.
  2.  Is all your money hard cash? Backed by Gold? or Numbers on a screen?  To put it simply most countries are in world debt.  No?!  Well, we already know that the Federal reserve, nor Bank of England cannot account for all of the supposed currency around the world, neither can they account for how it is backed and these are the top two currencies, actually 3 if we include the Euro.  What we do know however is that money can be printed and new coins minted.  So where does all the poverty in the world stem from?  You would think that with all the years of ‘save the rain forest’ campaigns that there must be enough money printed, or Banks must have the ability to print more in abundance by now, right?
  3. How many of us really use cash anyway?  We are moving more into a digital economy ever since the first charge/credit/debit cards were invented back in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Now we have swipe, chip and pin, NFC, RFID and  more electronic ways of accounting and transacting money than ever.  However, again the Blockchain solves nearly every problem that other electronic banking/accounting systems currently have.
  4. With the Cryptocurrencies being transacted on the Blockchain, this also limits the scope for potential fraud, as ‘hacking’ is a relatively hard job for any low-mid level fraudsters.  They would have to hack the entire network path of computers a transaction is made on at the same time, to make the same change.
  5. With a distributed, transparent and tamper proof ledger, which is decentralized.  Your money is your own, responsibility for that money is your own.  You control it, unlike the current system in place, where the High Street Banks are in control of any money you deposit, and the main world Banks are in control of all of the money period.

We know some of these centre around reason #1 (the Blockchain) and security, but that alone should prove that there is a wealth of other reasons out there.  Some being specific to each type of Cryptocurrency, and others around trade, poverty and ease of use.

So we say bring on the Blockchain, Wallets and miners, also the new age of Cryptoprenuers, as we say, because it only seeks to lead to the betterment and freedom of  the people, society and global economics. #FutureFinance

*Remember these are just our opinions and we are not financial advisors.  Always remember that investment can come at a risk.  Feel free to search the internet and conduct your own research.  There is a lot of information out there and also about a million other ‘Top reasons’ lists out there!   Check out our guides for concise, easy to follow and accurately compiled information.

Thanks for reading. #BTCBros

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