About Us

The BTC Bros group was formed in late 2016 by a small group of
tech savvy, entrepreneurial thinkers, in the UK.
Since then the group has grown and has a number of members in
the UK and globally, then furthered by the formation of BTC Bros Ltd in April 2017.
The main purpose of the group is to research, learn, and educate
on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, or ‘Digital
Currencies’ as they are also well known by.
Our business specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain
technology. We provide educational resources, masterclasses and
consultation in these fields, operating the ethos of community, education consultation.
We educate
people about how to buy/earn these currencies, which will
inevitably become the currencies of the future.
The most well-known of these currencies is Bitcoin (BTC). Find out more about Bitcoin (BTC) here.
Feel free to join us and the rest of the worlds Cryptocurrency advocates on a path to a digital finance future!

Company Overview

Company Overview

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