Blockchain World Summit – South Africa, 7th-11th December 2018

One of the many successful blockchain events kicked off in 2018, was Blockchain World Summit, otherwise known as BWS.

The birthing of the event took place in St.Pauls, London on 12 -13 September 2018, playing host to many popular, and lesser known blockchain speakers and companies based inside the UK and globally.

Courtesy of Blockchain World Summit

Blockchain World Summit aims to “nurture the growth and awareness of Blockchain technology across the globe.”  Although just starting out, the summit seems to be making some noise in the midst of the many blockchain dedicated events out there.

“The (BWS) show gave us the opportunity to meet some great people and will has certainly opened up the door for continued business growth, We cant wait to see where the show develops from here!” Josh Riddet, Founder @ Easy Crypto Hunter

Event organiser, and Founder, Adrian White says, “The summits main focus is on gathering, informing and encouraging Blockchain Technology and the impact that this will have at a public and private level.”

Adrian White, Founder

The event plans to run up to four times a year, touring across different continents.  The first four events being London, South Africa, Dubai and Canada.

The South African event aims to bring light to use cases of the blockchain across Africa, whilst also showcasing blockchain based companies and startups, within the same territory to international enthusiasts and investors.

“The summit will educate not just B2B it will incorporate B2C, and the consumer to better understand the ecosystem.  We will bring together the world’s foremost top innovators and experts who are change makers and prominent leads in the blockchain & crypto ecosystems.” Adrian White, Founder @ Blockchain World Summit

BWS South Africa runs from 7th-8th December 2018.  Tickets for BWS South Africa are on sale now at

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