BTC Bros X BWS — Blockchain For Africa Part 2: Centbee BETA — Providing a payment solution to Africa

Towards the closing months of 2018, we are beginning to see the first iterations of many Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency based hardware, and applications.

The infamous South African company Centbee, has joined that list, and has recently released its beta wallet application.

Following the on from the success of their product alpha testnet, which was previously available via the Google Play Store and made use of “testnet coins”, allowing users to test send and receive transactions and get a feel for the application. Adopting use of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, to create a decentralized wallet and payments application. The current beta version of the app currently includes the ability to send and receive Bitcoin Cash “at the lowest fee possible”.

Centbee are certainly lining them selves up to be one of the first among many companies trying to bring a stable economy to Africans using the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, via a replacement ecosystem.

Africa has for sometime been a part of the great payments debate, and emerging technologies are helping more and more Africans to have a place among the rest of global economies. Centbee proposes that BCH will not only be integral, but a forerunner in this process.

‘Centbee is a next generation Bitcoin cash wallet. Our vision is to bring people closer through making payments simple, cheap, efficient and convenient.’— Centbee

The team at Centbee also partnered, with BCH/Blockchain company nChain, earlier this year. One of the main focuses of the partnership was to work on a Centbee/BCH POS device, which merchants could use on the high street, establishment or in local shops. nChain are also funding the initiative.

Last month (Nov 2018) was a big month for Bitcoin Cash users, with the fork of Bitcoin Cash sparking huge debate across the Internet. The fork split Bitcoin Cash into three, making two other chains and currencies, aside from BCH in the process, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin SV, with the latter being the currency and chain that Centbee have chosen to support at this current time.

Although many Bitcoin purists are against Bitcoin Cash, Centbee serves as an invaluable payment method to many areas of the world, who do not have access to electronic payment systems and who are unable to make or receive cross border payments. That list includes a vast amount of African countries, who may have access to the internet, or smart phones, but not banking or payment services. Regardless, if you like Bitcoin Cash or not, Centbee are certainly using it to change lives for the better.

In other recent news, Centbee partnered with major UK brewery brand, Brewdog, who accept Bitcoin Cash, along with Bitcoin, at their newly opened Brewdog Bar, in one of London’s biggest fintech hubs, Canary Wharf.

The Centbee Wallet application is for Android and iOS devices, and currently available on both the Google Play and Apple stores respectively.



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