Since inception we have concerned ourselves with joining, improving and building communities within the wider crypto space.  We run a number of our own communities across the web and Social Media.  We are members and ambassadors in some of the most active communities in crypto.  Check out some of the communities below and help to spread the message of mass adoption to everyone!

Our Communities

Join our Telegram channel to receive updates from our blog and news in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

Our Discord community is a fun way for enthusiasts to connect and learn together.  Lots of channels, discussions and information around Cryptocurrencies!

Our Medium publication features stories from our blog and independent writers.  Regularly updated with thought driven articles in relation to emerging technologies.

Join the conversation!  Our Twitter timeline is constantly updated with our blogs and the latest goings on from around the industry.

See some of the places that we’ve been and things that we’ve been a part of.  Our Instagram captures some of the experiences that we’ve had along the way!

Our Facebook community has been around for over 3 years!  We have a tightly knit community of new and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts!

Affiliate/Partner Communities

A community governed local currency, which shares it’s birth year with Bitcoin.  We are long time supporters & partners of the Brixton Pound, working with them on supporting their forthcoming stable currency, built on the Algorand Blockchain.



Using their own PURE PROOF-OF-STAKE TM algorithm Algorand blockchain is built to solve one of the biggest problems in Blockchain, known as the Blockchain Trilemma.  Algorand also features some of the cheapest and fastest transactions in the industry.

Binance is the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, boasting over 1000+ crypto & DeFi currency pairs.  Popular exchange features include Futures, Options, Saving, Staking, P2P Trading, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace & more…

Nexo is a cryptocurrency custodian platform, offering crypto savings interest and overcollateralized lending to it’s customers.  Nexo also feature a Visa Debit Card that can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, directly from your Nexo holdings account. 

Created by popular crypto trader & Programmer & YouTuber Davinci Jeremie, Pandora’s wallet is a unique desktop cold storage wallet, which allows users to trade via a number of exchanges, without having to deposit or leave their funds on the exchange.

The Trezor hardware wallet is among the most known and secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets available on the market. Purchasing a hardware wallet direct from the manufacturer is always recommended and we are glad to be a Trezor affiliate!

Launched in 2021, SafePal is a secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet and companion app.  The wallet is appealing to first time and younger users, with the native  SFP token being a part of the ever growing  Binance Smart Chain ecosystem (BSC).

Presearch is a privacy focused decentralized search engine, utilizing a tokenized currency for unique tasks on their service, such as ad placements, CPA and unique Keyword staking.  Presearch nodes are lightweight and easy to set up, so anyone can participate.

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