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Our Philosophy

Community, Education, Consultation

Meeting the requirements of a high educational standard, providing full in depth services in a wide range of area's covered by blockchain & cryptocurrencies. 

Providing fair and unbiased information and analysis.  Not to miss-sell or provide materials and/or services that would be seen as financial advice, investment advice, misleading, false, or alluding to the use any "ponzi" scheme. 

Liaising with clients to the guide them through the process of how to go from novice to expert at a pace of their own.  Providing an honest and just service to all of our clients.

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To meet educational standards with the relevant educational bodies and communities.  To provide a top quality, self regulated service catered to the clients needs within criteria limitations, in addition to providing up-to-date information and resources to our clients.

Community, Education, Consultation

To establish an education system across the blockchain that allows anyone from any background to have access to learning, alongside earning potential.  Keeping track of official education records, certification, accreditation, skill sets and education process, through the blockchain.  To consult individuals and businesses on use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in evolving industries and future fintech solutions. 

In depth analysis reports, up-to-date information, educational tools, webinars, conferences, meetings and groups.  Connecting with everyday people, communities, educational institutions and companies within the blockchain, cryptography, education and cryptoeconomics industries.

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