Conversations to avoid, if you’re into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

“If you build it, they will come…”

We all remember the iconic line from the acclaimed Kevin Costner movie, Field Of Dreams, if not you’ve seen the film, I’m sure that you’ve heard it somewhere, albeit maybe the same principal, in the form of another phrase.

The phrase itself inspires one to stop thinking about some ideas and just get on with bringing them forth into reality, implying that once the idea is in another persons reality, they can in turn share or see your vision.

How this relates to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, is that both are still emerging technologies and we all know the type of conversations where you are talking to either a naysayer, non-believer or someone who simply does not understand what it’s all about.

You can normally tell from the persons facial expressions and replies that they’re not really the ones to be talking to about these things. However, being a Crypto fanatic, Developer or Blockchain advocate, you are exited to tell them all the benefits and news from inside the industries and that’s great, but sometimes it’s better not to have those conversations, as they may sway your decisions on what you are doing within the industry, simply waste your time on someone who is pretending to care, or cause the person to think your a mad scientist, going crazy at them with concepts that make them tired listening to you. The meme below is one of my favourite for describing a situation like this.

So true…??

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With the above being said, it’s all good to spread the word, but you may find your time better spent connecting with individuals on the same page as your self, or at least with a core interest, rather than spending hours confusing or boring people.

For that reason we’ve highlighted 5 conversation types below, that you should avoid having when you’re into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Honestly, without the right approach, these will generally waste your time:

1. When a person is not IT literate…

Explaining something like Blockchain to someone who has no prior knowledge of computers or IT, is not exactly a waste of time, if the person has a desire to learn. However, unless the persons interests are peaked enough for them to take up a basic IT lesson, you are just spending your time baffling an individual who is likely not even able to install an application on a smartphone, let alone setup a wallet. In this situation, it’s best to keep talk to a minimal and direct the person to basic IT materials or courses to get them interested, then if they follow through, you can follow up with some basic Cryptocurrency principals.

Recommended talk time: 10 mins

2. When a person says Bitcoin is a bubble…

This is the kind of conversation that you probably get into the most, when someone is already IT literate and have their complete faith in the FIAT system.

People like this tend to have some experience with stock market or other types of trading and generally can’t see digital currency becoming a future. They often lead their conversation towards Bitcoin and make statements such as, “It’s not backed by anything…”, “It has no true value” or “How does it make money?”.

Firstly, when someone asks the latter of these three questions, they are missing the point completely. It may be that they do not understand enough yet, have listened to and are regurgitating a lot of FUD they’ve heard in mainstream media or it may be complete and utter ignorance. Which one of these it is will depend on the persons attitude and facial expressions (eyes rolling), at this point, it’s time to call it a day. Maybe send them some informational links, but don’t go too deep, or they’ll be trying avoid you the next time they see you.

Recommended talk time: 5 mins

3. When a person says “My xxxx bought some Bitcoin in 20xx and they lost a lot of money when it went down…”

When you hear this from a person, it generally means they have only heard mainstream talk about BITCOIN, they may have heard about some other cryptocurrencies, but it is unlikely they have heard of Blockchain, or have any desire to learn about Cryptocurrency at all.

On the other hand, it may seem interesting to them, but they have not yet set aside any time to actually do their own research.

Conversations like this tend to go one of two ways. The individual(s) either will ask for some links and show a genuine interest or they will express the fact that they are not interested at all.

When they take the latter road, just forget it, as with impending implementation over the years, they will discover more in their own time. Speaking to them about it then and there will often bore or annoy them. Your crypto sermon will be better off with someone else’s ears.

Recommended talk time: 2 mins (Maybe 20 mins MAX, if they show interest)

4. When a person says “Yeah, that’s that Bitcoin stuff, innit. My xxxx made loads of money on that, but it’s not for me…”

This is another conversation that could go two ways, but for the most part tends to be someone who maybe finds it all a bit fascinating, but has never taken they’re own serious steps to understand things.

The best approach to this type of conversation would be to give the person some links and briefly state to them that it’s not all about making money. If they then continue, by asking more questions, it’s fine to continue and give them more links. If they divert onto another subject or fail to take a note of the links you told them about, just forget it and move on. Maybe they are not yet ready to learn.

Recommended talk time: 1min (5–10mins MAX, if they ask questions)

5. When someone claims to know all about it, then proceeds to talk about Bitcoin only, with no real facts or only talk of xxxx making money…

This type of conversation should just be avoided totally!

Although you may correct the person on some of the “facts” that they speak about, the truth is, they are either pretending to know what they are on about or have been incorrectly sold by some scam, ponzi or MLM scheme claiming to give the facts on Bitcoin and how to “get rich quick” from it.

When you encounter a conversation like this, it would probably be best to give them a few FACTUAL links about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, so as to dispel the myths that they speak of and leave them with a better understanding.

However, do not get into a debate with them, as they will tend to project a lot of FUD into the conversation. Don’t bother giving them any referral links either, as they probably wont use yours, unless they believe they are going to get rich overnight using referrals only.

Recommended talk time: 0 mins (Give them the links and get out of there!)

With all of the above, it is easy to identify if you are wasting your own time, talking to someone about your newly found passion, cryptocurrency adventures or blockchain based business.

Conversations like the ones above can be all to easy to get caught up in for an hour or more. This time could be better spent advancing your portfolio or developing that blockchain idea you have. Remember, the industry is still in emerging stages and does not have the same effect on everybody’s life in the way it might have impacted yours.

We blockchain and crypto advocates, can sometimes forget just how complex the current blockchain space is and tend to think that others will have the same understanding as we do. Remember, no matter how much we think we know now, there is always more being developed within the space and within technology itself, meaning there’s constantly more to learn! You may have had years, months or weeks of research, they may have done less than 5 minutes. Not everyone is the same and no one is a true ‘expert’, as the industry itself is still too young to have seen the full technological and financial benefits outlined in Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin Whitepaper.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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