Cryptocurrency – Bigger or Smaller Than You Think?

Hey there Cryptopians,

Whilst writing a recent article focused on mass adoption, I asked myself the question…just how big is Cryptocurrency at the moment?!  This seems like an almost impossible concept to work out, as there are so many people that seem to be involved, it really is quite staggering.  However, on the the other hand, when speaking to most people day-to-day (who do not have any Cryptopian’s in their immediate circle), it seems as though everyone is clueless.

This gave me the notion to think, just how many people KNOW about Cryptocurrency.  To be exact, I’m not just talking about people who have invested, neither people who have set up a Coinbase, or other type of wallet, only to never return to it….I’m including those that have done some research of their own, but still have not taken the dive yet.  In essence, if a person knows about Cryptocurrency, but has never used a wallet, or other type of Crypto based service, then they cannot be statistically accounted for, using any web collected data.  This leads me to believe that maybe a lot of people are just ignorant to the whole Crypto world.  This is not to say that they are purposefully ignorant, however, it is how those persons views take shape, which will create a mass adoption at any rate.

This leads me to question, what are the top reasons why a “nay-sayer” may change their stance and views on Cryptocurrency.  There are a few obvious reasons, such as, to make FIAT money, peer pressure, or because they are just “jumping on the band wagon”.  The latter of which may be misconstrued, being that if a person has done and is doing all their research to follow up a genuine interest, then they are just a fellow Cryptopian.  However, if they are just along for the ride, how much is that a bad thing?!  I don’t think it is a negative unless they are just doing it to disrupt the world that other Cryptopians have created, or for any other malicious purpose that could damage the Crypto communities and industries.  Remember, we we’re all newbies once…

With Blockchain tech becoming the new “industry standard” for ledgers, transactions and record keeping, plus Bitcoin almost being at yet again new heights, it seems more and more people are starting to at least take in some very basic information on Cryptocurrencies.  Remember I said, it seems…

So, what are your view on this?  How do you explain Crypto to a newbie?  Is there a massive wave of adoption going on? or are we just hyped because we are always seeing new projects, but only see them by being in the Crypto space, not knowing that the people who are seeming to adopt, are already just more members of the same space? (That sentence was a mouthful!)

Just something to think about whilst waiting for confirmations…



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