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Cryptocurrencies are often refered to as the currencies of the future.  They are based upon cryptographic problem solving and computational power, which are created using cryptographic keys.  The results, minting, rewards, transacions and balances are held on a distributed ledger called the Blockchain.  The most popular and well known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.


Blockchain can be described as an “open” ledger of any transactions or contracts, which are maintained in decentralized form across a network of different locations and people, or “nodes” (computers), eliminating the need of a central authority and safeguarding against manipulation, as all information can be seen and checked by anyone.

The network is made up of individual participants or “nodes” and allows transactions to have public "witnesses," this makes the chances of a cyber attack minimal. Each participant of said network all have access to and can own a copy of the records shared across that network. In addition, any changes or new information applied to the ledger are also copied and made available to all participants almost instantly.


Bitcoin is the first currency associated with blockchain technology as we know it and it acts as a store of value on the blockchain, hence the term "crypto"currency.  There were a few digital/electronic/cryptographic currencies before Bitcoin and the blockchain as we know it.  The blockchain itself combines principals from some of these to become what it is known as today.

Bitcoin quickly became the cryptographers choice for store of value, when an anonymous entity, by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper (technical paper) in 2008 in an online cryptographer forum.


There is a limited supply of Bitcoin, as only 21 million will ever be minted, or "mined", the current price of 1 Bitcoin is upwards of £10,000 (Jan 10th 2017), but you can buy smaller amounts should you wish to do so.

You can buy Bitcoin through a cryptocurrency exchange, either online or through widely available device applications.

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One of the easiest and most popular sites/apps is called Coinbase.  You can sign up for a Coinbase account using the link below.

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If you are prepared to do the research, there is a lot of information out there, that is available for free.  We provide much of this information through our websites and social channels.

There are also many other good sources of information on blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies across the web.

We understand that not everyone wants to go through the hassle of spending countless hours researching and we aim to simplify this knowledge so anyone can learn. 

We provide a lot of informative materials and links throughout our websites and social media channels.  We also sell educational materials and products to help understand the emerging technology and currencies.

If you would like a 1-2-1 individual or business consultation and/or deeper explanation.  Please use the contact form on our website to book a free 30 min consultation.

For those wishing to just buy some cryptocurrency, without the hassle of hours, weeks or months of research, and choosing, or setting up a wallet.  We operate a wallet setup and send service, enabling you to buy as little or as much cryptocurrency as you would like to start you off.*

Buying large amounts of cryptocurrency requires identity verification amongst other processes, when buying for the first time.  Some sites and/or apps can take weeks to enable higher buying limits on some accounts.  We can help to shorten this time span, as we have high levels of account verification on many popular exchanges.  Provided you pass our initial validation checks,  we can help you to setup a wallet and process purchases of up to $20,000 worth of cryptocurrency, then deposit it directly to your chosen wallet.**

Please contact us, if you need more information on this service.

Disclaimer:- We do not give advice on what to buy.  We simply offer a straightforward service to acquire cryptocurrencies and fund your cryptocurrency wallet, with the relevant amount.***

We are NOT a financial advice service, brokerage, or exchange, nor do we give financial advice.  If you are seeking financial advice, please consult a registered professional in your jurisdiction.

Once our learning platform is up and running there will be various cryptocurrency based courses and materials available.  In the meantime our main site features FREE basic content, in the form of PDF guides and videos.

The courses and materials will cover everything from setting up your first wallet, to advanced crypto-trading, beginner and advanced blockchain and cryptocurrency studies and even building a crypto/blockchain based business.

We have many premium, cost effective cryptocurrency based e-books, tools and video training sessions that will be made available on our main site soon.  Our premium content has been structured in a manner that makes it easy for any crypto/blockchain newbie to bring their knowledge and skills to both intermediate and professional levels.  The cost for these materials start at as little as £19.99.

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*Minimum £100.  Fees apply.
**We DO NOT recommend which currency to buy, although we can recommend a secure wallet.  We DO NOT store, or document your private keys.  We DO recommend that you change and store your private key(s) SECURELY upon setup of your wallet.  It is up to you to change and secure your private key(s).  NEVER reveal your private key(s) to ANYONE.  You will need to supply 2 forms of ID for verification. (One government issued ID; such as Passport/Driving License and 2 Proofs of resident address).
BTC Bros Ltd, will not be held responsible for loss of funds, due to client negligence following their own change of password/private key(s), failure to supply the correct wallet address, or failure to securely store their cryptocurrencies, following termination of our services.  We promise to provide you with a clear and transparent service, which entails guidance on how to setup and secure your cryptocurrency wallet.
We DO NOT collect, sell, or share sensitive information with third parties.  Sensitive information will not be recorded, otherwise than in accordance with GDPR, KYC and Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Daily limits and fees apply.
***Relevant to the agreed FIAT/cryptocurrency exchange rate, of the desired cryptocurrency, at the time of agreement.  Rates may vary. Fees apply.

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