Get FREE Bitcoin with BP and Luno!

We recently partnered with Bitcoin Pioneers and Luno to bring the UK one of the best ways to learn about Bitcoin! How can you get free Bitcoin with this new program? Well, if you a family member or friend live inside the UK, read on…

Who are Bitcoin Pioneers?

Bitcoin Pioneers is a community driven to introduce Bitcoin to a mainstream audience through meaningful education initiatives and providing them with their first exposure to Bitcoin…for FREE!

Started by Jason Deane, published and well recognised author of How to explain Bitcoin to your mum, Bitcoin Pioneers has formed a alliance with cryptocurrency app and exchange Luno as the providers of the free BTC.  In fact Luno founder Barry Silbert, has invested a heavy amount of Bitcoin into the program, to help the mainstream public in understanding how Bitcoin works.

We here at BTC Bros are proud to be members of the community, allowing us to bring free Bitcoin to our community and anyone wanting to learn about Bitcoin!

What is Luno?

Luno is a fully licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange and secure cryptocurrency wallet application.  Founded in by serial entrepreneur, Barry Silbert, Luno is on of the fastest growing and easy to use exchanges in the industry.  Luno’s vision is to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies easily accessible and just as easily understandable.  This is one of the main reasons that Luno is giving away free Bitcoin, WITHOUT the requirement of making any transactions at all!

The Luno wallet is an easy to use storage for your crypto assets and is designed for both basic and advanced users.

The Luno exchange itself provides tools for everyone from beginner to pro trader, with an up-date-design and industry standard trading toolset.

Again, we are proud to extend Luno services and this program to those who choose to learn and interact with us.

How do I get free Bitcoin from this?

Firstly, we must note that there are some basic requirements for being able to collect your free Bitcoin…and no, you DO NOT need to make a deposit or purchase of any kind!  Just follow a few simple steps to receive £10 worth of Bitcoin, totally free!

To be eligible for your £10 of free Bitcoin, you MUST:

  • Be over 18 years of age, with ID and resident in the United Kingdom
  • Be prepared to complete KYC/AML checks
  • Users MUST be fully verified BEFORE the code is entered
  • The wallet must be new and unused AND our code must be entered before any transaction is made.
  • You CANNOT claim if you have already been referred, eg via the LUNO app referral system.
  • Your claim will NOT work on any existing wallet where ANY transaction has been made previously, even if it is currently empty.

Provided you or anyone you refer to this programme fits the above eligibility criteria, you can click here and follow this guide to claim your free Bitcoin!


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