New Money, Old Money, Old News…

Hello again people and thanks for reading.

If your new to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and still wondering what it means for you and the rest of the world then you should find this post very interesting.

The creators of this site have spent a collective number of years researching, testing and learning about Bitcoin, along with other Cryptocurrencies and financial markets.  This is taken into consideration for ‘newbies’, as we are also still very much learning ourselves.  This is because the Crypto markets, Financial markets and Technology industry are changing and growing rapidly and daily.

Learning in these areas and speaking to people, we noticed that one question seems to pop up almost immediately every time.  ‘How do you know Bitcoin is the currency of the future?’, which is normally followed by a comment similar to, ‘I’ll stick with my cash thanks.’ and the like.

Sound familiar?, maybe you were thinking the same?, no?!

To look at the answer to this and similar questions, we must first understand that the ‘new age’ of currency is not just about Bitcoin, but more about the Blockchain.  You see the Blockchain is the infrastructure behind Bitcoin and the future of digital financial transactions.  To break it down further, the Blockchain is what is responsible for making the digital currency transactions, not only handling them, but also making them fully secure, accurate, anonymous and instant (much faster than the current, BACS, SEPA AND Faster Payments!).  This automatically creates a more stable and reliable system for all financial systems and trading around the globe.  There is much more to it, we could talk about it forever, but all information can be found on the Blockchain website.

However, the reason for this post is to highlight just how much that the UK government (along with many other world governments) and Banks already recognize this as the only way forward for trade and finance in the future.  The above video demonstrates this and was posted around a year ago, on one of the best and most trusted YouTube channels for Bitcoin, Bitcoin TV. (We were sceptical too until this point, lol)

Hopefully, the information above and in this video, could help you decide if Cryptocurrency is just another fad, scheme, total utter nonsense…or if we are truly moving into not only a ‘digital age’ (Safe to say we’re already here, I think), but also a fully digital economy (I mean, does your bank hold cash, or numbers on a screen?).

Of course you may differ in your opinion, but I know which logic I side on...

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