The Unknown – A Crypto Newbies Perspective.

A Crypto Newbies Perspective: I never gave much thought to the future of finance or currency, we all know cash is slowly being phased out of society, yet I couldn’t see what would become of money as I know it to be. What would the new currency be? How would I access it? Will everything be chip and pin or morph into something different completely?!

My partner introduced me to the Cryptocurrency world around 6 months ago, I was sceptical, I eye rolled quite a bit, thought he was borderline obsessed at one point. He’d go on and on and on about it, to the point I’d actually switch off mentally, but once he sat me down and explained the path world finance was on, it began to make a lot of sense; so naturally my interest peaked.

My Crypto journey is a slow one I am still learning about the Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and all the other digital currencies as well as learning about the different wallets and how to store and safeguard your digital money and how these wallets differentiate between the centralized wallets, like PayPal, for example.  So to get myself started I downloaded Coinbase, on my iPhone, verified my account with ID and it was as simple as that! I now have a secure and trusted wallet to buy, sell and store my Cryptocurrency.

My knowledge in Crypto is still very very young, but I do see this as the only logical way that money can, or will move forward.  Bitcoin (the most popular digital currency) is increasing in value weekly.  This shows me that investing in the unknown is worthy and the only real way in ensuring financial stability and security as we move towards a fully digitized era.

So for anyone who is still unsure research, read and seek out groups on social media, who will be able to provide you with a different perspective and give you the benefit and wealth of their experience and knowledge, you can even watch YouTube videos!  There is a plethora of information on it from economists, bloggers, other Crypto advocates and self made Crypto millionaires, who use Cryptocurrency to do things like shopping, buy cars, houses, even for day-to-day living.  There are even Bitcoin ATM machines sparsely dotted around London (this is more mainstream in America).  This again is a sign that Cryptocurrency is indeed the future of finance and why it is so important to be ahead of the financial game.

In my quest to better understand Cryptocurrency, I was recently introduced to someone who works alongside BTC Bros, and they have helped me gain a better understanding on how things work, such as, researching, forecasting and mining.  They have also been educating me on how to invest and trade Cryptocurrencies, in order to accumulate Bitcoin.

I wanted to share my experience thus far to encourage and demonstrate that you really do not need to know anything about it, in order to begin.  All you do need is to have an interest and to ask questions.

If anyone would like to share their experience in the new world of Cryptocurrency and write blog posts, go to their contact page and let them know.  They are very supportive and want this information out there so everyone has the chance of securing themselves financially in the future.


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