Twitter’s New Feature Enables Creators To Be Paid In Bitcoin

Just two days ago, on Tuesday, Twitter added Bitcoin to its Tips feature on the platform. Users can now pay/tip creators in Bitcoin. Previously the feature only supported fiat currency via apps such as PayPal and other third-party apps. Now Bitcoin will be a part of this too.

Users can do so via Strike, a third-party payment app that is built on Bitcoin Lightning Network. So creators can add their Bitcoin address for ease of accessibility and enables other users to send payments. Furthermore, Twitter will not receive any commission or transaction fee for the tips that creators get.

The platform was first tested in the month of May with fewer users. The feature will be available to all Apple users initially and then will be rolled out for Android users.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has always been one of the biggest proponents of cryptocurrencies. In fact, he believed that everyone should invest money and time in it, and cryptocurrencies could bring about world peace.

Although the part about world peace might seem like a stretch, it’s safe to say this would be a massive advantage for the creators’ community, who are pretty active on the platform. It could also mean that the style and tonality of content might also slowly change to make it more engaging for the audience.

Besides this, there are a few more features and projects Twitter is currently working on for the platform. These would further explore the crypto space and how it can best be used with the micro-blogging platform.

A couple of these features are as follows:

● The platform is working on how it can include NFTs on Twitter so that creators can display their work on their page. This could potentially be a revenue stream for creators such as digital artists, musicians, etc.
● Furthermore, the platform is also planning to launch its own creators’ funds for users who want to host Space audio rooms- a feature that enables users to chat, talk and hear via virtual audio rooms.

As of now, this is what we mainly know about the platform and its work on integrating the crypto space. After Amazon, this is yet another giant that is including and facilitating Bitcoin payments. This all points towards the inclusivity of payments.

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