UPDATE: AMMBR Autonomous WiFi Meshnet Infrastructure

If you’re a regular subscriber to our blog, or Medium, even a follower of our social media, you will have heard us mention AMMBR on many occasions.

Ammbr is a automomous WiFi meshnet infrastructure, built on and incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrency. Further to that, Ammbr have manufactured their own next-gen router devices and wide range antennae to facilitate their goal in providing an autonomous and global, shared network infrastructure. To put it simply, you could say, they are building their own internet!


The Ammbr network will be composed of Ammbr units, which act like advanced routers. These units mutually relay data with each other and, by doing so, they grant the end users Internet access, especially in areas where the Internet coverage is currently poor. The units use a wide range of advanced wireless technologies, allowing them to be very flexible and to cover long distances.
The complexity of the device will not influence the overall user experience, which will be similar to what a current “standard” router provides when a user wants to join a LAN to connect to the Internet.

These units also form a Blockchain-based network where micropayments, secure contracts and transactions can be managed natively. Users who want to access the Internet using the Ammbr network will pay for their access by exchanging AMMBR, the native cryptocurrency of the Ammbr network. The price will be dynamically adjusted based on the local network conditions.

Users can decide to run an Ammbr unit themselves, and they will receive a reward in AMMBR for sharing their unused bandwidth. Users will be able to buy and acquire an Ammbr base unit at a low price. They will then be able to add extra functionalities to it by buying add-on modules sold separately.

We covered Ammbr in an interview with CEO Derick Smith, who shed some light on the project, and their crowdsale, which ended on the 21st of March 2019.

Since the end of the crowdsale, the Ammbr project has seen some amazing progress, and quite frankly, we’re suprised that more people still are’nt raving about the project. I mean, these guys made sure that they had not only a whitepaper, or proof-of-concept, but they also had fully working devices, solid backing, and testnets running accross small communities…BEFORE they committed to running their crowdsale!

With that being said, the project is sure not to be taken lightly. So, here we are giving you a run down of project progress, and the major news, following their successful crowdsale!

  • 21st March 2019 – Ammbr’s 2 month long crowdsale ends. 320,000,000 tokens, of 400,000,000 (AMR) tokens were purchased, in Ammbr’s crowdsale (80%). The sale was administered by FORK, and ran through through Singularity Exchange, with contributions made in multiple currencies, including BTC, ETH, and LTC.
  • 1st May 2019 – Ammbr announce to listing on p2pb2b.io, and stex.com. Listing is set for 25th May 2019 (p2pb2b), and 31st May 2019 (stex).

It can certainly be seen that all things are progressing well with the Ammbr project, and we are certian to see more growth following their initial exchange listing on the 25th of May 2019.

We are looking forward to hearing more about Ammbr, and will continue to cover the projects movements, as they fulfill the goals of their roadmap.

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You can read the Ammbr Whitepaper here.

Join the Ammbr Telegram community here.

EDIT – 22/05/2019 – Article updated to replace “ICO”, with “Crowdsale”.  AMMBR did NOT run an ICO, some months prior to it’s announcement, they had chosen to complete a public crowdsale instead.

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