RECAP: MJAC Crypto Compare Summit, London, 2019

Hello again fellow cryptopians and blockchainers!

To those who have been ‘in the game’ for some time, we hope the crypto spring/summer is going well for you! To the newcomers, we wish you the best in your learning about the tech, the people, the theories, and the industry!

The last week was pretty busy for us here, as we are currently gearing up for some exciting announcements, and meeting with new partners. However, during the past week, we also made time on Wednesday, 12th June 2019, to attend the great and insightful Crypto Compare Summit, in London.

Although leaning more towards the arc of cryptocurrencies, the focus was still kept on the wider topic of digital assets, as a whole, and this was represented by the speakers, and exhibitors alike.

Take for instance exhibiting company Archax, a London based exchange, focused on asset backed token trading, who in their own representation are, “…not built on a blockchain, or have our own cryptocurrency…”

Archax is a new, institutional-grade exchange for trading asset-backed tokens (digital securities, security tokens, etc.) based in London. Founded by experts from the financial markets and backed by an accomplished advisory board, Archax offers a credible bridge between the blockchain world and the traditional investment space. —

However, this is not to take their understanding of the industry lightly. Archax seem to have a clear understanding of the crypto industries, from an institutional investors view. Just read their response to the now infamous FCA Guidance on Crypto Assets, and you can see that they certainly have a grasp on some significant issues, surrounding the FCA’s current view on the industry.

An Insight to Regulation…

Speaking of the FCA, whose Consultation Paper CP19/3* — “Guidance on Cryptoassets”, was released back in January 2019. Attendees were able to get an up-to-date insight of the work the FCA has been doing since January, and also the view the FCA currently holds towards regulatory matters.

“Insights from the regulators” Panel @ Crypto Compare Digital Asset Summit, London. 2019

In a panel headed up by Lawrence Wintermeyer — Co-Founder, Elipses & Global Digital Finance. The FCA Innovate’s — Samantha Emery, Interim Head of Department, spoke of the FCA’s “…cautious, but open…” approach to DLT and crypto companies based within the UK. This was accompanied by the confirmation that both the FCA, and the Bank of England are also looking at the wider impact of the International crypto asset markets and regulations.

Bank of England Head of Notes Operations — Martin Etheridgealso chimed in to affirm that the BoE currently view crypto assets as a “non-threat” to the GBP, and that they are looking at possible future threats, or opportunities that DLT’s and cryptocurrencies may present. He also affirmed that the BoE “…is not currently using, or currently planning to use blockchain within our infrastructure…” and are also taking an “open” approach to the technologies, among ”other innovations”.

For the most part these views were also reverberated by Gillian Dorner, Deputy Director at HM Treasury.

As crypto regulation in the UK has always been a hot topic, it was good for attendees to hear about high level progressions within this subject.

The future of Crypto Investment, New Investors and Valuation

One of the most interesting sessions at the event, was Fundstrat Founder, Tom Lee speaking on the past, and current trajectory of Bitcoin and the crypto industry.

Tom Lee, Founder, Fundstrat @ Crypto Compare, London, 2019

During his presentation, Lee spoke on some of the analysis and strategies that his firm uses to accurately trade, advise and invest in the crypto markets. This was preceded by some facts and statistics on use cases for cryptocurrencies, along with some great insights on crypto valuation. Tom Lee is a very well known advocate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and his firm Fundstrat is also known to be one of the biggest companies pioneering the rise of Bitcoin early on. Invaluable lessons can be learned from this man!

tom lee

Tom Lee, Founder, Fundstrat on Twitter

Although we arrived a little late to the event (London traffic/transport of course, lol) and missed his session, we we’re finally able to actually meet one of our blockchain heroes, the man himself, Mr Andreas M. Antonopoulos and even managed to get my copy of Mastering Bitcoin signed by the legend himself! Thanks Andreas!

Mr. Antonopoulos, has been instrumental in my personal, early, and continuing understanding of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, since way back in 2014. I am always watching his Q&A’s on YouTube, and also recently his Patreon page.

It is taking inspiration from the words of himself and RT News, Host — Max Keiser, that got me exploring Bitcoin and blockchain, back in 2013/14 when my eyes were just opened to their benefits. It was unfortunate that I was not able to attend the following days Coinscrum, to catch up with him for a little more time, but hey, still managed to get my book signed!

Andreas, we salute you every time!

That about wraps it up for our experience at Crypto Compare’s Digital Asset Summit. If you want to find out where they’ll be next, or even details on their next London based event, check out the event site and sign up to keep updated!

Thanks to the Crypto Compare team for their efforts and hospitality. Great event guys!

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